Heard you calling in the night

Why do I love late night adoration hours. It’s true that there seem to be less distractions. There are no comings and goings either inside or outside. For me, however, it’s about answering a call in the night. During normal waking hours I’m on a schedule, I’ve got a plan and I will fit Jesus … [Read more…]

Especially connected to God in those quiet hours

Adoration during the late night gives me the opportunity to still myself and be truly present in prayer. It’s an especially meaningful time to take inventory of my spiritual victories and struggles and give thanks to the Lord for what’s going well and ask for the grace I need to overcome my weaknesses. I find … [Read more…]

Love motivates – early morning holy hours

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”  (Mark 1:35)   Oh, how these words of Sacred Scripture run through my mind and heart as the alarm goes off, and I struggle to get out of bed to head … [Read more…]

Why did I hesitate?

“I had always put off an adoration commitment because I was just “too busy!”   Now that I am adoring on a regular basis I am gaining such spiritual benefits that I wish I had started sooner. It has really been a life changer for my prayer life.  I know it takes a lot of work, … [Read more…]

IU Graduate-Rewarding Experience

” I just graduated on Saturday and yesterday I moved to New York to begin work. Unfortunately that means I am no longer able to attend Adoration at St. Charles. You can remove my name from the adoration sub list. That being said I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a … [Read more…]

IU Students in Adoration

“ I was in Chicago this past semester for an internship and I’ll be there this summer too. I’ll be back in Bloomington in August for the full school year and would love to remain an adorer for August through May “ ~ A.S. May 2018

Best/Most Important Time

” Adoration for me has become, the Single Most Important and Best Part of my week! When I first signed up for Adoration ( during Christmas) I thought it was short term. We all can find time “short term” to do or give up something. However, to make a long term commitment is something else. When … [Read more…]

Finding Peace in a Loud World

” The world can be so very loud, so overwhelming, so negative. It can also be joyful, peaceful, and beautiful. St Charles adoration allows me to leave the former and enter the latter. As a student at IU, I often become disheartened by things I see and hear on a daily basis. However, adoration improves … [Read more…]

No longer just Catholic on paper

“After being Catholic “on paper” and being away from the church for 14 years, I had a profound conversion after a heart-felt confession and just one hour of adoration. That first hour literally changed my heart, changed my soul, and changed my life. Ten years later I still am drawn to adoration. I truly love … [Read more…]

Can’t out do His generosity

“Most of us have probably heard and experienced the old adage that no matter what return we make to God for the generous gifts and blessings He has bestowed on us, we can never outdo His generosity.  And this truth not only extends to the financial and physical gifts that we make, but most especially to … [Read more…]

Missing Adoration

” I used to visit the St. Charles adoration chapel each week, but have moved away and we don’t have adoration here. I miss St. Charles.”– Anonymous

My Favorite Prayers in Adoration

” Simplistically, for me, Adoration is Jesus and Mary. Adoration is kneeling or sitting at Jesus’ feet, thanking Him for the awesome opportunity to come before Him and worship and honor Him. Adoration is thanking our Dear Lord for giving His beautiful Mother to us at the foot of the cross as He was dying … [Read more…]