Heard you calling in the night

Why do I love late night adoration hours. It’s true that there seem to be less distractions. There are no comings and goings either inside or outside. For me, however, it’s about answering a call in the night.

During normal waking hours I’m on a schedule, I’ve got a plan and I will fit Jesus in that plan.

At night, I’m at rest; I am my own person. It is then that Christ calls. “Rouse yourself; come seek refuge in me; come, I wait for you; heed my call”. And like Joseph of old I awake, arise, and go to my Lord to be with him as Joseph must have done as he took Mary and the child Jesus and journeyed into Egypt.  

Only, now the difference is I am being sheltered as I sit or kneel in His presence. We journey together. 

~ Ed