Finding Peace in a Loud World

The world can be so very loud, so overwhelming, so negative. It can also be joyful, peaceful, and beautiful. St Charles adoration allows me to leave the former and enter the latter. As a student at IU, I often become disheartened by things I see and hear on a daily basis. However, adoration improves my outlook and helps me to see the beauty in my life. It helps improve my mindset in difficult times and spread this mindset. There’s a quote from the recent movie Paul Apostle of Christ that comes to mind,  “they will know us by our love”. What a quote! So beautiful yet so simple. How do we as Catholics overcome evil and spread the gospel? In such difficult times, especially in our church, how do we confront this and show people what our church is all about? Through our daily acts of love! It is easy for me to write, but difficult to do. Adoration gives the strength and guidance to live this life of love. Sometimes when I sit before the Lord, I can literally feel my shoulders sink as I feel a little relief from the daily anxiety I have. Sometime I am filled with ideas and feel such a connection with Christ. Other times I just sit peacefully and enjoy quiet time with Our Lord in such a loud world. I am so very grateful that St. Charles church offers adoration and I think its a wonderful blessing that I get to personally visit Jesus every week.

~ Charlie