Best/Most Important Time

Adoration for me has become, the Single Most Important and Best Part of my week! When I first signed up for Adoration ( during Christmas) I thought it was short term. We all can find time “short term” to do or give up something.

However, to make a long term commitment is something else. When I was trying to decide if it was possible-or not, I got my answer-in the Adoration Chapel. I truly felt Gods warm presence, guidance. When I left that day, I felt. . . clean, at peace.

What do you do when you enter the Adoration Chapel? I’ve learned to simply open up to “ the moment “. I’ve had times where I’ve prayed the entire hour- or longer! Other times, I’ve read a book, and yet other days just sat … listening, feeling His Presence. ..The best most important time/ moment of my week.

~ M. C.