Signup & Adorer Info

  • Signup Information – If you are reading this page, you’re being called to visit Jesus. He is truly present on the alter and He is drawing YOU into His presence.
  • Your Adoration Dashboard
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  • Welcome Packet for New Adorers
  • Adorer General Instructions – for the following information
    • What doors can I use to enter the church?
    • Is the church always locked? When are access card keys needed to enter the church for adoration?
    • Are there special covid-19 restrictions at this time (i.e. use of masks, social distancing, etc.)?
    • What is the proper way to enter the chapel?
    • What do I do if I can’t make my scheduled holy hour and need someone to sub for me?
    • Should I bring my cell phone with me to Adoration?
  • Resources and Materials to use for your holy hour.
  • Hourly Captains Contact Information
  • Quick Tips and Reminders (includes general etiquette information)

Frequently Asked Questions: