Chapel Hours

The Adoration Chapel at St. Charles is open from Sunday at 1:00 pm through Saturday at 8:00 am.

During this post-covid phase, visitors and unscheduled adorers are welcome to drop in to spend time with Jesus between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday through Friday and between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Sundays.

The church is locked from 7:00 pm until 7am.  If you would like to visit after 7:00 pm, feel free to send email to the Adoration Committee at  or by calling 812-269-5333.

*Please note that when there is a scheduled Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will resume immediately following the Mass.

If St. Charles school is closed for inclement weather, Eucharistic Adoration is closed for the day and will re-open the following day at 9:00 am.  Read more information about inclement weather procedures.