The watchful disciple

Our Lord loves when we keep Him company over the night vigils. (3AM is Divine Mercy Hour also!) He pours out such an abundance of His Spirit upon you, it’s almost too much to bear. He wants so much to purify and heal us, the greater your surrender, the greater His outpouring of sanctifying Grace and healing. Be the watchful disciple with your lamp lit awaiting His arrival (Interestingly, ancient Orthodox Tradition says the second coming will be at midnight!)  At first, I was tired, but now I’m more energized for the rest of my day. 

It is not easy to get free and clear of many of the brambles we allowed ourselves to get entangled in. Food for thought: In addition to daily Communion, weekly Confession, and a devotion to praying for the Holy Souls, most of the stories of modern saints include an hour A DAY of adoration,  To that you could add the very firey Flame of Love rosary, and Our Lady will greatly aid your spiritual healing and growth.

~ Anonymous