Adoration Resources & Materials

The following resources are available in the adoration chapel.  We ask that you not remove them from the chapel so others may use them while in adorationResources that are available online are also noted below

  • How to Make a Holy Hour – online only
  • Pamphlets – you’ll find, stored by the kneelers and the bookshelf, copies of two pamphlets created from materials provided by The Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association:
    • an A.C.T.S. Adoration Prayer pamphlet that can be used to walk you through a structured holy hour.  You can also find an electronic version here.  Novice and experienced adorers may find this helpful from time to time.
    • a Meditation Before the Blessed Sacrament trifold.  This trifold is a conversation with God that calls to mind people and topics you may want to share with Jesus.  An electronic version can be found here.
    • Conversations with God – a short online-only pamphlet we share with new adorers to give them a sense of what to expect and do in adoration.  We suggest they read this before their first holy hour.  This is also a good resource for experienced adorers to come back to every now and then.
  • Prayer Intentions – parishioners and fellow adorers may seek additional prayers for their intentions or may feel compelled to write their intention to God on a private note.  We offer two resources to assist with this type of intercessory prayer.
    • For private notes, we have a prayer box on the right side of the chapel near the front.  You may use the 3×5 cards and write a private prayer intention to place in the box.  These prayer intentions are not read by anyone.  They are strictly between you and God.  When the prayer box gets full, the Adoration Committee burns the cards to ensure privacy.
    • For Prayer Requests, we have a small box on the bookshelf to the back of the chapel.  Anyone seeking intercessory prayers from other adorers may write their prayer request on a 3×5 card and leave it in this small box.  Other adorers may take this box to their seat while in adoration in order to lift up prayers on others behalf.
  • Rosary station – the rosary station can be located by looking for the statue of Holy Mother Mary.  You’ll find a few extra rosaries that can be used by adorers during their holy hour.  You’ll also find a “How to pray the Rosary” pamphlet at this station as well.
  • Reading Materials – a bookshelf organized by subject contains several wonderful books on various topics.  These books can be used during your holy hour.  We ask that you mark your page and leave the book in the chapel at the end of your holy hour.  This ensures it is available to others who may also be reading the same book.
  • Highlighted Reading – a table at the back of the chapel contains a few reading materials that are being highlighted for the month.  Again, we ask that you leave these materials in the chapel at the end of your holy hour.