Signup Information

If you are reading this page, then you are being called to visit Jesus. He is truly present on the altar and He is drawing YOU into His presence.

With nearly 300 scheduled and substitute adorers, our adorer schedule is ever-changing.  These changes clearly demonstrate that Jesus is present and working in our lives as prayers are answered for new jobs, new family situations and new experiences. It is comforting to know our prayers are heard by our loving Savior.

Allow Him to speak more clearly to you in a personal hour in His holy presence. Consider for a moment, how that commitment might impact your life and the lives of your family and friends.  See the list of current adoration opportunities below.

This time will quickly become the most precious part of your week. You will look forward to the silence, the quiet meditation, the gift of being in His presence here on earth. You don’t need to do anything special, just be truly present as He is.

Contact the Adoration Committee to sign up for an open Holy Hour* (contact information is listed below hours).  If your availability is outside the Holy Hours listed, the committee can assist in finding a time that works for you.

If you are interested in adoring but not able to make a weekly commitment at this time, you may want to consider asking a fellow Catholic to share this awesome responsibility with you. Some of our adorers rotate weeks so their commitment is just twice per month.  You may also consider being a co-adorer** or an adoration substitute***.  Any moment, even if it is only five minutes a week, will bring you closer to Jesus.

To sign up to be a regular weekly adorer, a substitute adorer or to learn more about other schedule opportunities, feel free to email or call 812-269-1998.

*Open Holy Hours – are opportunities for you to become a regularly scheduled adorer in a holy hour that is currently unscheduled/vacant. This means you arrive at your scheduled hour each week and stay the entire hour waiting for the next scheduled adorer to arrive so Jesus is never left alone. In many cases, you are the only person adoring at this time.

**Co-adorer Holy Hours – are opportunities for you to become a regularly scheduled adorer at a holy hour with another scheduled adorer. Being a co-adorer provides some additional flexibility if you have a need to skip adoration due to business travel, illness or other known but unpredictable conflicts. You are still on the weekly schedule but by working with your co-adorer you can plan to miss without needing to find another adorer to replace you for the week.

***Substitute Adorer – We have a very active list of substitute adorers who serve as backups for weekly scheduled adorers who have an unexpected need to be away from adoration. Scheduled adorers send out a mass email to our substitute adorer mailing list. If you happen to be available and would like to adore at that time, you simply reply to the email message and that holy hour can be yours!